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U-HARWARD 2nd dissemination event

24 May 2023 U-HARWARD second dissemination event took place online on 24 May 2023. A total of 9 presentation were given from three inolved projects: five from the U-HARWARD, three from the REHA and one from the UP Wing. We were pleased to share the results with more than 50 attendees. All the presentations

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May 2023 The first week of May, 2023, the flutter test of aeroelastic model AE1 has been successfully completed at POLIMI’s Large Wind tunnel. Different velocities, angles of attack as well as chordwise positions of the strut- wing connection have been successfully tested. The identification phase has been carried out combining an air jet

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May 2023 The aeroelastic wind tunnel model named AE1 represents a constant Froude scaled model of the strut-braced wing configuration including both wing and structure. It is conceived for the preliminary low speed flutter investigations and for a limited number of sensitivity analysis. The model has been conceived by ONERA, POLIMI and IBK, while

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U-HARWARD second dissemination event

THE PARTICIPATION TO THIS EVENT IS FREE: FOR ORGANIZATION REASONS IT IS REQUESTED A REGISTRATION. Register Here! ONLINE WORKSHOP Wednesday May 24, 2023: 9:00 - 13:00 Agenda U-HARWARD Project Contributions 9:00 – 9:20 Introduction, Project structure, methods, goals and status (POLIMI) 9:20 – 9:40 Conceptual and preliminary design of high aspect ratio

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U-Harward Project | Ultra High Aspect Ratio Wing Advanced Research and Designs

U-HARWARD will consider the use of innovative aerodynamic and aeroelastic designs in a multi-fidelity multi-disciplinary optimal design approach to facilitate the development of Ultra-High aspect ratio wings for large transport aircraft. A conceptual design study, building on the current state of the art, will perform trade-off studies to determine the potential gains of different wing configurations and loads alleviation concepts in terms of aerodynamics, weight, noise, fuel-burn and range. Scaled model wind tunnel tests will be used to validate parametric variations in the aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics. Starting from a reference aircraft, the preliminary design of the best candidate configuration will be completed and the estimated gains validated using high fidelity tools and a larger scale aeroelastic test.

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