May 2023

The first week of May, 2023, the flutter test of aeroelastic model AE1 has been successfully completed at POLIMI’s Large Wind tunnel. Different velocities, angles of attack as well as chordwise positions of the strut- wing connection have been successfully tested. The identification phase has been carried out combining an air jet nozzle to excite the model with modern Output only Modal Analyses (OMA) techniques in case of turbulence based self-excitation. Classical piezoelectric accelerometers as well as camera based photogrammetric techniques have been adopted as measurement systems.

A dedicated presentation has been given by Luca Marchetti (POLIMI) at recent ASME SSDM 2023 ASME’s 1st Annual Aerospace Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference (SSDM), June 19-21 2023 San Diego, CA, United States.